Proudly introducing our Cabinetry supplier of choice: Horizon Woodwork Ltd.

If you have been following our Riverside blog series, you will have noticed the video posts of the various kitchen designs in Riverside. We are proud to have partnered with Horizon Woodwork to provide you with one of the best kitchen designers and manufacturers in the industry. Marc Lindenberg and his team are truly committed to quality and creativity with an end result that is sure to impress. We are thrilled to have Marc as part of our team!

Check out Marc’s website here: and while your at it, book a meeting with our Sutton sales team to secure your new home and review all our interior design and cabinetry options with Shelley from Tailored Interiors.

RIVERSIDE LIFESTYLE ESTATES - A living experience that only a select few will have the pleasure to call their own.

For more information on the full lifestyle experience, be sure to watch our video on our web site at


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