Driven concrete piles, approximately 35-40 feet below ground level providing a solid base for construction. These will virtually eliminate movement or settlement in the structure.

High strength, reinforced concrete grade beams below the perimeter of the building. The beams combined with the piles will provide an extremely strong and stable foundation.

Concrete floors, reinforced with steel as per plans (4”,5” & 6” in thickness). Provides a solid base to build upon.

Steel Floor joists / “Hambro system”. The Hambro system is considered to be the best flooring system on the market and will yield the quietest floors with little to no vibration.


Exterior walls will be wood framed with 2x8 for lower levels and 2x6 for upper levels. We will be using the highest quality fiberglass insulation in the wall cavities complimented by rigid insulation on the exterior. This will yield a strong wall system with higher R values which will deliver lower energy costs.

Interior walls will be constructed using steel studs which will provide very straight walls will no worries of nail popping after move-in.

The exterior walls will be a combination of a modern masonry product combined with pre-finished sidings. Our goal is to have a fantastic looking building that will ultimately be maintenance free for both short and long term. This will result in lower reserve fund fees.


Our roof system will be a manufactured wood truss product as per the plans. The shingles will be 35 year high quality asphalt.


All insulation levels in all areas will meet or exceed the most recent edition of the national energy code to ensure more efficient heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.


All electrical work will be done using highest standards possible in accordance with Manitoba Hydro specifications.

Heating and power will be part of your monthly condo fee’s.

The building will use LED lighting to maximize lighting and efficiencies throughout.

A full security system will be installed which includes fire alarms and sprinklers as per the most advanced building codes.


HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) units in each suite.

Electric forced air furnaces will be located in each suite offering residents individual control for maximum comfort in your home..

Each suite will have a dedicated air conditioning system with individual controls.

Standard 40 gallon hot water tank will be located in each suites utility room.

A natural gas line will be roughed in to each suite giving you the option to customize your unit with natural gas appliances, fireplace or gas to your deck bbq. Each of these will be your choice and considered additional options.